By Dycelia Weiss

Alone, all alone. Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.
-Maya Angelou

I was born in North Carolina and raised in the inner city of Baltimore. MD. As a child, I had to overcome many challenges. I was a wallflower. Shy. I remember reading out loud in class was one of my greatest fears.

I attended private school in Baltimore’s inner city, which was not a popular thing in my neighborhood. So, often we had to fight our way home. But there was always someone who was there to show me a better way.

At the age of 21, I gave my life to Christ and my fears disappeared. As a believer, I was set free from many of my childhood fears. This honor belongs to God. I am no longer that shy, timid and scared person. Today, I never meet a stranger. This was the first door that was opened for me.

I arrived in Spokane in April 2004 because New Testament Christian Church needed a piano player and I wanted to meet that need. So I left Graham, Washington and relocated to Spokane. My career path has always been in customer service. For the last 11 years I was employed with ECOVA, a cost management and energy sustainability company. I started as a data entry/billing specialist and was promoted to an open/close Representative. When I resigned to start my own business, I was a Data Specialist.

A turning point in my life came when I was given an opportunity to start my own business. I was told I could either build my own dream or have someone hire me to build theirs. My passion to help families drove me to pursue my dream.
Many of us have stopped dreaming; we don’t have goals to drive us to go beyond what we know, but I’m willing to make a difference.

When I entered into the financial industry and became a business owner, I was told this is a male dominated arena, but this did not deter me. I dare to make a place for myself as well as other women.

I have a servant’s heart. My passion is to bring financial education to every day working families. Individuals and families need to know that they have options. They need to be empowered to dream again. Too many families are unprepared for the unexpected. We know death is a reality, but many of us fail to prepare for it. As a visionary, I am determined to bring change to the Spokane community. I will go where I am needed.

Dycelia owns her own business, Weiss Financial Consulting, which she started in 2013. She is also an independent associate with World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG), a national financial services marketing company with associates throughout the United States. Dycelia educates individuals and families on financial concepts, and offers financial products and solutions, including life and health insurance. As a part of her business, Dycelia offers monthly interactive workshops and seminars in the community. Her current workshop is called: Finance 101: Discovering Your Financial Fingerprint. For more information or to register contact Dycelia Weiss at 509-327-0165 or dyceliaweiss@gmail.com